Fits Case Closet 53

TENMA Fits Case is one of the representative brands that describe Tenma products that continue to be loved by everyone in Japan. Plastic storage cases of various sizes and functions. If you are looking for plastic storage cases, we are the answer! Read More

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Fits Case Closet S-53

Size : 39L x 53P x 18T cm.
Capacity : 2,7Kg (2700gr).
Max. Capacity Stacking : 18,4 Kg (4 Stage).
Weight : 1,9 Kg

Fits Case Closet M-53

Size : 39L x 53P x 23T cm.
Capacity : 3,6Kg (3600gr).
Max. Capacity Stacking : 17,4 Kg (3 Stage).
Weight : 2,2 Kg.

Fits Case Closet L-53

Size : 39L x 53P x 30T cm.
Capacity : 5,4Kg (5400gr).
Max. Capacity Stacking : 16 Kg (2 Stage).
Weight : 2,6 Kg.

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