Fits Case Closet 30

TENMA Fits Case is one of the representative brands that describe Tenma products that continue to be loved by everyone in Japan. Plastic storage with a wide variety of sizes and functionalities. If it’s plastic storage you’re looking for, we’re the answer! Read More

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Fits Case Closet S-30

Size : 30L x 53P x 18T cm.
Capacity : 1,8Kg (1800gr).
Max. Capacity Stacking : 14 Kg (3 Stage).
Weight : 1,7 Kg.

Fits Case Closet M-30

Size : 30L x 53P x 23T cm.
Capcity : 2,7Kg (2700gr).
Max. Capacity Stacking : 14,1 Kg (3 Stage).
Weight : 2 Kg.

Fits Case Closet L-30

Size : 30L x 53P x 30T cm.
Capcity : 3,6Kg (3600gr).
Max. Capacity Stacking : 17,7 Kg (3 Stage).
Weight : 2,3 Kg.

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