Porish X-Shaped Laundry Drying

Tenma Porish X-Shape Stand Hanger is an X-style clothesline that can be stretched both in height and width. With the addition of connecting rods, you can increase the number of items you want to dry. This clothesline is equipped with caster wheels so it is easy to move. And when not in use, it can be folded and stored. Read More

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Porish X-Shaped Laundry Drying PS-01

Size Use : 102-152L x 63P x 89-149T cm.
Size Save : 102 x 16 x 95 cm.
Estimated amount of usage (estimated) : 6 Big Towel, 38 T-shirt / Shirt.
Max. Capacity: 11 Kg.
Weight Product : 4 Kg.

Porish X-Shaped Laundry Drying PS-23

Size Use : 71-100L x 62P x 90-130T cm.
Size Save : 71 x 15 x 96 cm.
Estimated amount of usage (estimated) : 18 Shirt/T-shirt, 5 Small Towel.
Max. Kapasitas : 10 Kg.
Berat Produk : 2,9 Kg.

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