Favie Sukipita Stocker Tall

TENMA Favie Sukipita Stocker is a shelf with storage drawers that is effectively designed to fill empty gaps in your funiture decor. This wide type has a width of 27cm, with a stylish white color. Recommended to be placed in rooms such as kitchen or restroom. Read More

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Favie Sukipita Stocker Tall 5S-131S

Total Stage : 5 Stage (1x Small, 3x Medium, 1x Large).
Size : 17L x 45P x 140T.
Max. Cap. Upper body : 3 Kg.
Max. Cap. Overall : 39 Kg.
Weight : 7,44 Kg.

Favie Sukipita Stocker Tall 5S-131W

Total Stage : 5 Stage (1x Small , 3x Medium, 1x Large)
Size : 27L x 45P x 140T
Max. Cap. Upper Body : 3 Kg
Max. Cap. Overall : 46 Kg
Weight : 8,89 Kg

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